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Business Opportunities for Israeli Television Formats

What is the TV format fund

TV Format Fund Ltd. is a financial company designed to support the development and production of television formats aimed at the international market. The company re-formats the paradigm for understanding television, identifying export-worthy formats as start-ups and forming an innovative structure that acts as a bridge between the television industry and the world of business finance.

The company was formed by  Alon Dolev, a pioneer in television content marketing and a 20-year television industry veteran.



Alon Dolev

CEO, partner and founder

Dolev, partner and co-founder of TV Format Fund, has more than 20-years of  experience in the content and media industry. He was the founder of a firm that specializes in financing content productions, and has been involved in hundreds of TV productions.
Dolev was one of the first to identify the business potential embodied in funding TV productions by commercial collaborations. He designed an innovative business model  that has been adopted by the industry in Israel.
Among his previous jobs, Dolev was part of  the founding team of the successful Israeli radio station “Galgalatz” and acted as a project manager in Channel 2.


Avi Galanti


Galanti has a vast and proven experience of more than 20 years in the Israeli television, film and advertising industry.
In his previous positions he was part of the founding and management  team  of “Promotheus”, a television branding and content packaging company, as well as part of the founding and management team  of the promo department at YES satellite television.
Previously,  Galanti worked as the head producer of the advertising agency “Warshavsky, Freilich, Dover”. He was the producer of some of the most prominent movies of the Israeli cinematography industry.


Nir Shichvager

Director of financial planning

Shichvager has vast experience building economic models.
He works closely with the content department, exploring the commercial and economic aspects of all existing genres. He is responsible for  examining the economic viability of the fund’s investments as well as building economic models and forecasts for international cooperation ventures.
Furthermore, Shichvager lectures in academic institutions and is a member of the academic staff of the Faculty of Economics in the College of Management.


Esther Wynhorst

International Business Development and Investor relations

Wynhorst, born in the Netherlands, has a rich experience in building an international business infrastructure and in working with business entities. Among her past positions, she worked in the Department of Foreign Relations at “Shenkar College of Engineering, Design & Art” engaging in investor relations, fundraising and the Board of Governors.
In Shenkar, Wynhorst has also set up the International Office in which she managed and leveraged the international activities of the college. She worked with institutions in the EU and the USA in programs such as Erasmus and Tempus, as well as building and developing internship and student exchange programs.


Dror Levy

Manager of Non-scripted content

Levy is a creative and development expert with a 20-year seniority in the industry. He acted as the creative manager of “Big Brother” in the first three seasons in Israel. He was also involved in the development of many successful formats in Israel, among them Golestar, The Unit, A Bollywood Dream, Living in La-La Land, Help I Can’t Cook and others.
In his present position, Levy examines proposals for formats submitted by creators and production firms in Israel and abroad.


Keri Lewis Brown

ADVISOR TO THE FUND, K7- Research Department

Keri has a Degree in English from York University.
As Head of International Sales for Action Time,
she led the team which spearheaded the rapid expansion
of international format sales, making her one
of the first to explore the potential of global programming.
She founded K7 Media in 1998 as an independent
company providing consultancy services to TV producers
and broadcasters globally.
As the business has developed she has been able to
explore her interests in social communication, particularly
the role that social networking can play in sharing
information and experiences.


Daniel Ravner

Advisor to the Fund, digital and international development

Ravner is the entrepreneur and CEO of “Practical Innovation”, a business development and innovation agency in the worlds of cross-media. He is a highly-in-demand lecturer of cross-media, new media, network culture and popular culture both in Israel and abroad. He also provides support in these topics to broadcasting firms and bodies.
In his previous positions Ravner acted as manager of the digital department of “Armoza Formats”, VP content in the content and new media company “THE BOX” and as creative manager in the cross-media company “Screenz”.
In 2010 Ravner won a scholarship for the prestigious training program “Entertainment Master Class” and in 2012 he was chosen by “Globes” magazine as one of the most promising young people in the Israeli business world.


Lior Sasson

Advisor to the Fund, scripted content

Sasson, Film and TV industry consultant, VP Business Development for Jasmine TV. Lior served as the Hollywood liaison and Cultural Attaché for the state of Israel in Los Angeles.
Currently producing several international projects including a TV drama with producer David Knoller (HBO’s Big Love, Carnival and Starz’s Power) and a feature film coproduction in South Africa. In the past two years Lior was in charge of Content Acquisition from major studios for the East African ZUKU channels (8 linear
channels and VOD service).



Rubicon Business Group is an investment and entrepreneurship company with holdings, both full and partial, in over 30 Israeli and international companies, both private and public. The Group’s holdings operate in a variety of fields, including finance and insurance, technology, environmental entrepreneurship,tourism and leisure.
Rubicon Business Group’s core activity is focused on investment and funding for the sector of growing businesses, demonstrating high standards of cooperation
in investment activities performed under it. In addition to equity investments, which the Group performs in a range of fields while entering new markets and seizing promising business opportunities, the Group offers funding solutions to businesses, including equity, working capital and collateral. To that end, the Group developed models and technologies for risk assessment and management, and it also serves as the official Israeli representative of international financial and technological organizations in the field of risk assessment.
Rubicon Business Group was founded by entrepreneur and businessman Amir Bramly, and since its foundation has been registering outstanding growth in the scope of its businesses. The Group’s overall activity makes it a key player in encouraging growth in the Israeli economy, while leading changes in the business and consumer finance industry. Rubicon Business Group is on the Dun’s 100 list, which ranks Israel’s leading companies.

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our goals

The company's goal is to both increase the volume of commercial activity and number of Israeli TV quality formats as well as broaden the variety of bold new ideas that might not otherwise have an opportunity to be evaluated. The compny aims to systemize a methodical framework of evaluation to be incorporated in any application submitted, accelerating the execution of successful TV formats and offering an engine for promotion of good ideas utilizing its financial and professional support.  

our collaborators

The Fund aims to collaborate with creators and writers as well as producers, distributors and broadcasters, who might hold the next killer TV format but seek financial boost to produce a pilot, a trailer or an entire season for broadcast. The fund has the ability to evaluate the talent and merit behind an idea, and so even anonymous writers with no experience or contacts in the industry are welcome to approach it and get a chance for success in the world of television.

Israel - a Format Nation

In recent years Israel has experienced an enormous and out-sized success in exporting television formats. This success can be largely explained by Israel’s culture, which has flourished in an environment of uncertainty and necessary risk-taking.  It’s this environment that promotes creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurialism – as much with television formats as with start-up businesses in the software  medical equipment or other industries.

Perpetual budget constraints that exist in the Israeli television industry further encourage efficiency and creativity in formats that are attractive not only for their original content, but also for their financial economy.

Ethics code



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